iPhone and iPad App Developer

We produce apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and the mobile web.

At IT Logistix we research, design, develop and deploy digital solutions across a range of channels, for brands big and small.

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced thinkers, designers and developers who understand that digital strategy isn’t just about creating a mobile-friendly version of a website. It involves integrating a mobile plan into your overall business strategy, building in analytic tools and metrics and continuing to monitor and modify the strategy as your competitive landscape evolves.

It’s time to create a website or Mobile app that communicates and connects with your audience. We believe in providing value via measurable results.


Pushing the limits of possibilities

Business transformation with a difference through strategic thinking and innovation, captivating design and engaging digital content.


Digital Publishing

Create engaging publication apps

IT Logistix brings your content to life using our innovative tablet publishing tools.


X Factor

Discover the X factor in IT Logistix

A muti skilled team specialising in business transformation through connected digital and mobile experiences.


Agency Model

What we can do for you?

We work with you to get your ideas off the ground and guide them to a solid strategic business foundation.


Why Choose IT Logistix Group ?

Each project is planned to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee

Every project is backed by a 3 month post launch support program

Mobile Logistix has been recognised for its innovative design

An industry leading service designed to make your ideas a reality