We believe in digital and the possibilities of mobile

Digital innovation demands passion, strategic insight and precision. Our commitment to these core values continues to inspire us to produce the interactive experiences we’ve become respected for.


IT Logistix Group delivers integrated digital strategy and mobile development for global brands. Through the interplay of branded content, technology platforms and connected devices, we design a total user experience that amplifies the relationship between brand and consumer.

Our methodology is proven; our behaviour is adaptive.


IT Logistix Group mission is to earn the trust of our respected client base through digital strategies built on business innovation, market performance and connected mobility. We believe in our clients, and they deserve to believe in the character of their agency.


Innovation:Improving what exists and introducing the new.

Balance:A work ethic that enhances our lives outside of the office.

Performance:Delivering results through research, intuition and execution.

Relevance:Socioeconomic impact with a global reach.

Simplicity:Straightforward approach to form, function and interaction.

Authenticity:True to ourselves and to our clients.

Why Choose IT Logistix Group ?

Each project is planned to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee

Every project is backed by a 3 month post launch support program

Mobile Logistix has been recognised for its innovative design

An industry leading service designed to make your ideas a reality