Business transformation with a purpose

While meeting our clients’ specific business goals, IT Logistix Groups has gained deep industry insights within specific industries such as Start-up Ventures, Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), Government and Corporate. A multi skilled teams leverage their expertise to transform businesses, deliver tangible market impact and provide solutions to unique vertical challenges.


Pushing the limits of possibilities’

Solutions that deliver quantifiable results

IT Logistix Group mission is to earn the trust of our respected client through digital strategies built on business innovation, market performance and connected mobility.

New App Ideas

If you have a mobile app idea and you would like to explore its commercial possibilities or likelihood of success. Our digital strategists can provide critical analysis and feedback, proof of concepts and prototype, through monetisation strategies to help turn your ideas into a successful venture.

Start UP Enterprises

In today’s competitive landscape having a website isn’t enough; you need an integrated multi channel solution that combines web, mobile and social media into a seamless digital strategy. This will ensure you have the necessary cut through to reach and communicate directly with your customers.

Small to Medium Enterprises

If you’re an established business looking to explore new marketing and communication opportunities or wish to improve business efficiency and productivity through online or mobile technologies, IT Logistix can provide deep insights and expertise for your digital business requirements.

Corporate & Government

Both Corporate and Government clients have unique business, operational and marketing requirement that require integration with existing programs or systems, IT Logistix provides unique capabilities from proof of concept and rapid development through to consulting and strategic planning to help bridge the digital communication gap.

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Why Choose IT Logistix Group ?

Each project is planned to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee

Every project is backed by a 3 month post launch support program

Mobile Logistix has been recognised for its innovative design

An industry leading service designed to make your ideas a reality