Mobile App Development Australia

IT Logistix is an Australian Mobile App Development company based in Sydney and Melbourne. We develop application software for mobile devices and provide the right solutions in the world of mobile apps. We use the latest mobile technologies to keep customers connected to brands and help clients with their mobile app concepts by assisting them to achieve measurable results. Both IT Logistix and clients have a mutually beneficial relationship through business consulting, relationship management, project planning, status planning and project launch planning.

Key highlights in developing mobile apps through IT Logistix Australia include:

  • As leading mobile app developers we are highly familiar with the latest technologies used in mobile app development and implement in accordance to customer goals and objectives.
  • Featuring two prominent mobile apps that were developed by us for Elusive Fragrance and Sheldon Group are concerned with inventory management, communication and publication. These apps are essential in adding efficiency and cost saving to both businesses.
  • Our Melbourne-based teams of app developers are highly qualified and capable of developing and deploying apps according to customers business needs and objectives.
  • We are capable to create high quality mobile apps within time sensitive timelines and constantly maintain quality excellence in creative standards.
  • Customers are continually delighted and engaged with our apps as they have world at their fingertips with quickly accessible information, smooth and intuitive navigation flow, along with functionalities that enhance the user experiences.

IT Logistix offers Mobile App Development services in the following platforms:

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows

Why Choose IT Logistix Group ?

Each project is planned to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee

Every project is backed by a 3 month post launch support program

Mobile Logistix has been recognised for its innovative design

An industry leading service designed to make your ideas a reality